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Orange juice in marinade
The #1 emotion that brings you success
The link between success and feeling all the feels
Orange juice in marinade

When the iconic chef, Roy Choi, ventured out to create the best taco ever, he didn't hesitate to blend two cultures together to create something so seismic that it shook the streets of Los Angeles, California. 


It was a risk, of course, but that didn't stop him. He worked hard to birth the Mexican-Korean taco movement which is now widely known through his food truck, Kogi. He is now well-known for modern food truck culture, his Netflix shows on assorted food, and of course, his mouth-watering tacos with Korean-inspired meat and slaw on a home-made tortilla. 


He spilled one of his secrets to his audience through one of his specials (at least I think it's one of his secrets...). And you get to learn about it here, free of charge! 


He proudly mentioned that he uses orange juice as a marinade instead of the traditional pineapple juice...


The #1 emotion that brings you success

What do you sell? No seriously, even if you don't think you sell anything...what do you sell?


At work? In your role? To your managers?


You sell certainty. Period.


Whenever you walk into an interview. 

Whenever you're invited to do a presentation.

Whenever you ask your boss for a raise.


It's certainty that sells. It's certainty that brings you more $.


Have you ever finished a job interview, and hiring panel said they want to interview other people?

They want to "shop around" to see who is the best fit for the role?


It's because you didn't do a good job of selling them certainty...
The link between success and feeling all the feels

Here's what I know about people who are incredibly successful and the link to their feelings.

People who are extremely wealthy, have everything they want, and seem to have their sh*t together experience the same feelings as you.


Go figure!


We all feel fear, sadness, remorse, guilt, shame...


Oh yes, all the bad feels. We tend to try to avoid those.


But successful people do one thing that the average person doesn't. This is to feel their feelings. In an excruciating manner. 


They pause. They listen to themselves. And they don't pivot from feeling the bad feelings. 


This is extremely uncomfortable. 


If you haven't done this before, go try it. It's super hard...