Cultivating Self-Fulfillment Through The Art Of Self-Awareness

21.12.21 07:39 PM By Theresa Yu

    As we enter one of the most enlightened decades that our generations have ever seen, millions have decided to embark on a journey of radical self-discovery. Amplified by the post-pandemic reality, many have realized that time is short, life is worth much more, and that it is time to move to a more actualized state - with the eventual goal of complete self-fulfillment.


    Such a worthy goal demands an equally inspiring journey, which we are all writing in the pages of our unique story. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed throughout the process, we are all equipped with the building blocks that we need to find eventual self-fulfillment.


    One of the simplest tools to start and continue your journey is something that we may experience subconsciously, daily: self-awareness.


    In this post, we’re going to explore what self-awareness is, how you can mindfully begin the daily process of becoming self-aware, and how you can harness the power of this simple skill to reach self-fulfillment.


What is self-awareness?

    Self-awareness is often confused with the benefits that it can offer someone. For example, many identify self-awareness as an increased state of confidence, mindfulness, or peace. While these are all great traits to have, they are simply results that happen organically when you make self-awareness a life practice in your quest for self-fulfillment.


    Self-awareness is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “knowledge and understanding of your own character.” This is true - and can be expanded upon. Beyond this, awareness also expands into a true global awareness you can experience when you become fully aware of your actions and can manage yourself through this awareness in a way that mainly impacts others. This would include weighing the consequences of potential actions or inactions, as well as understanding how others may perceive you in different situations. Using this knowledge can give you the ability to reach a more self-fulfilled state in which you can pour into others and become a better global citizen.


How to become self-aware and cultivate self-fulfillment

    The first step to becoming self-aware is to realize that it is never a single process or decision. To truly become self-aware, you must lean into the practice every day, mindfully refining and reframing how you interact and understand the world around you in every aspect: Your relationships, your employment, your hobbies, and your lifestyle.


    To do this, you simply decide on a starting point. At that point, you may do a self-assessment to determine how naturally you practice self-awareness in your daily life. For many, this looks like making a list of your monthly or yearly goals and focuses, meditation, and practicing mindfulness in interactions and relationships. If you already know of a place that could use improvement, you may dedicate yourself to refining and practicing in that area for the week, and shift focus to a different area the next.


    There is no right or wrong way to manage your self-awareness practice, and there is no schedule. Ultimately, the goal of having self-awareness and the ability to choose a starting point for consistency is inherently to practice it. You will eventually create a flexible practice that can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and preferences, and make your training process work for you. The very fact that you are undergoing this journey will add benefit to those around you.


    Additional practices to help you practice daily self-awareness include:

  Maintaining an attitude of mindfulness

  Moving your body for health and wellness

  Meditating regularly

  Frequently goal-setting for individual goals and altruistic goals

  Asking for feedback from friends and family

  Seeking a professional mentor who can assist you in the journey (psst, that’s me!)


    Now that you have understood the many starting points that you can take when working to become self-aware, you can begin to experience a deeper understanding of self - and apply that to your goal of self-fulfillment.


What is self-fulfillment, and how can self-awareness help?

    Self-fulfillment is a state of mind where you feel confident in achieving your ambitions and goals. Self-fulfillment is not considered a final destination, rather, you can experience instances of self-fulfillment as you complete your short-term and long-term goals. Continuing your journey can be helpful to create habits that make you inclined to intrinsic motivation, because as you complete your goals you will experience feelings of fulfillment and immense satisfaction.


    This can fill your emotional “cup,” allowing you to fill up others and motivate others by the example you set. All of these “good” consequences can occur with milestones of self-fulfillment and can help you to mature and find success in the face of unprecedented and unpredictable challenges that you may encounter.


    One of the most satisfying ramifications of self-awareness and self-fulfillment is the sense of empowerment and confidence that you can experience when you dedicate yourself to regular practices of each.

Self-awareness is a powerful tool for global transformation

    Choosing to embark on the journey of self-awareness is considered to be beneficial for both you and those who you impact. It is selfless, diligent work that you will have to dedicate yourself to in order to reap the full rewards. The promise that lies in the journey is that there truly is nothing more fulfilling than taking it upon yourself to offer both the world and yourself the best parts of you that are only really accessible through self-fulfillment.


    Self-awareness is a requirement for self-fulfillment - but both of these concepts are ongoing processes that may be present either concurrently or apart from each other. They are not destinations, nor are they your inherent starting points thanks to the ever-evolving nature of our humanity: they are simply states that we can achieve routinely as we advance in our journey of self and learn lessons as we go through our lives. It is a mark of maturity to desire this level of actualization and awareness, and can make us stronger, resilient, and more compassionate individuals.


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